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Build, sell, learn, teach. It's all connected, if you want it to be. Clui creates a learning ecosystem for your organisation to thrive.

Clui - manage


Save time and money by training your learners on Clui. Create courses, structure learning plans, automate delivery, and track progress.

Learn about managing your enterprise with Clui
Clui – manage your enterprise
Clui – integrating your systems
Clui - integrate


Add Clui's innovative features to your current system, without changing the way you work. Use Clui to connect multiple systems, massively reducing workload.

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Clui - monetise


Sell your course on our online marketplace. Choose from flexible pricing and payment terms, including bulk pricing and delayed payment. Invoice and track sales directly through Clui.

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Clui - monetise
Clui – manage compliance
Clui – manage compliance


Teach workers effectively, using accredited programs. Meet national and international standards of competency, privacy, and data security.

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Clui reimagines the possibilities for learning management. With customisable content, effortless automation, and comprehensive reporting, we ensure an optimal learning experience for any organisation.

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