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Clui is the learning management system that powers your industry. Use Clui as a standalone, or integrate our innovative features into your existing systems. Whatever your needs, we can reinvent your learning.

Clui enterprise learning system
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Clui reimagines the possibilities for learning management. With customisable content, effortless automation, and comprehensive reporting, we ensure an optimal learning experience for any organisation.


Clui connects with your organisation, making it easy to create, manage, and track your learning.

  • Clui – create modular courses


    Upload existing courses, and create compelling new content with Clui.

  • Clui - administrate


    Customise learning plans for your teams. Then, automate, and let Clui take care of the rest.

  • Clui - share


    Deliver your content to the right people, be they individuals or teams.

  • Clui – analyse and reporting


    Monitor and report on your training with detailed reporting.


  • Clui – create modular courses

    Create modular courses

    Clui structures training for your learners, breaking courses into digestible chunks.

  • Clui – automate your learning

    Automate your learning

    Clui takes care of the admin for you. We'll instruct, alert, and remind your learners, saving you time.

  • Clui - share

    Share courses with segments

    Clui can tailor learning plans for the different roles in your organisation.

  • Clui – analyse and reporting

    Generate relevant reports

    Clui generates the reports you need, whether it's data on a group or a user.

  • Clui – simplify compliance

    Simplify compliance

    Clui ensures your learning meets international standards of competency and security.

  • Clui – sell your courses

    Sell your courses online

    Clui provides the tools to monetise your courses, directly through our online marketplace.

  • Clui – access on all devices

    Access Clui on all devices

    Use Clui whenever you need it, wherever there's an internet connection.

  • Clui - integrate and customise

    Integrate and customise

    Clui can upgrade your existing system, without changing how you work.

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