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Clui gives you flexibility without complexity. Each feature is designed to enable effective learning with ease.

Modular course builder

Build courses with freedom

Clui’s modular-based course builder enables limitless possibilities.

Add flexibility with the choose-your-own-adventure style path module – allowing different learner journeys depending on the learner’s selection. Combine modules to suit, such as quizzes, events, interactive SCORM packages, videos, file uploads and downloads.

You can also create payment gateways and configure actions to be triggered by milestones. Or, request approval at any stage.

Competency Verification

Perform face-to-face assessments

Assess the competency of your workforce to ensure they can perform their responsibilities safely.

Clui’s in-person assessment feature enables you to create, deliver and record face-to-face assessments for OH&S or internal compliance. They can be one-off or recurring; and set at any point within a course.

An assigned assessor is notified each time a learner needs to be assessed. Assessment results are recorded so you can easily see when learners were last assessed.


Monetise your courses with Clui

Sell complete eLearning courses or face-to-face events with Clui’s eCommerce feature. You can even create a payment gateway part way through a course.

Thanks to our industry-leading eCommerce partner, Stripe, we ensure your data is protected and payments are received without delay. Our online payment process is easy to use, so learners can purchase with confidence.

Find out more about selling courses online with Clui.

Events and Webinars

Schedule classroom-based learning

Optimise your course by pairing online modules with real-time training.

Using Clui’s Face-to-Face Event and Webinar modules, you can set and manage live learning experiences. Learners schedule their attendance through the course and will have all the information they need thanks to invites and reminders.

API and Webhooks

Integrate and automate

Clui’s feature-rich API allows systems to integrate with any part of the learning journey. The API opens up opportunities to automate processes or enable online learning in existing platforms.

Webhooks can also be used to report activities such as course completions, new user signups or purchases to your system, giving you the possibility to extend Clui’s functionality into other products.

Progress dashboard and reporting

Manage mandatory training

Need to ensure your employees are up-to-date in the latest laws, company standards and policies? By checking the progress dashboard, managers can track their employee’s activities and progress, be notified of outstanding training and measure success.

Learners can track their own learning with a dedicated progress dashboard.

The reporting space equips your administrators with the tools they need to capture valuable data, including sales, learner enrolments, events, users, and more.

Bulk import and actions

Powerful user management

Whether your business has 10 or 10,000 employees, Clui gives you the tools to manage learning – without spending hours on admin.

Your entire workforce can be imported and assigned quickly via CSV imports, bulk actions, group automation, or API calls.

System actions

Automate course triggers

You can use system actions to set reminders, set a course to expire, build a learning pathway and more.

The Clui Action module can trigger an action within a course, such as assigning another course, sending an email, or setting a future trigger to reset the course progress.

More Clui features

Control access

Create customised permissions for people, groups, and people within groups.

Mobile friendly

Clui enables learning on any device, any time, wherever there’s an internet connection.

Pay for what you use

We understand that training needs vary, which is why our monthly subscriptions are based on active users.

Your customised LMS

Easily create custom fields to capture and store unique information about your users, groups, courses and more.

Worldwide learning

Administer training wherever your learners are. Sell courses anywhere that Stripe is accepted.

Secure data

All Clui data is transmitted over a secure and encrypted channel based on TLS 1.2 protocol, and hosted in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia.

Create your learning space with Clui

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