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Integrate platforms

Integrate platforms

Merge Clui with your current workflows and tailor the functionality to your business.

application enhancements

The solution to introduce learning to your system

Your workflows are well established and trusted, but its time to implement a learning component.

Whether you’re upgrading your HR system, extending your workforce service offering, or enhancing another platform type, you don’t want to reinvent the wheel. Thanks to Clui’s rich set of features, you don’t have to. All the legwork to create a high-functioning learning platform has been done for you.

Your learners won’t need to navigate a foreign interface or learn new login details. They’ll access their learning space via the platforms or ERP systems they’re already familiar with.

And, if you’re worried about the mechanics of integrating, don’t be. Our API allows us to integrate with any application, flawlessly.

Developer friendly

A platform for growth

Clui grows together with your business. Our API’s flexibility makes us the perfect partner for taking your existing platforms to the next level.

Use webhooks to extend Clui’s functionality into other products by setting them up to report activities such as completion of enrolments, new user signups, purchases to your system, and much more.

More connected

Bring LMS capabilities to your existing workflow

Clui’s growing integration library enables you to integrate your existing products and services with Clui.

Connect your Slack workspace with Clui to encourage communication amongst your courses and groups. You can even combine this with the Action module, to add users to Slack at a certain point in the course.

Plus, Clui’s integration with Stripe enables you to sell your courses and receive payments into your Stripe account.

Pegasus integrate with Clui to deliver inductions and learning

Pegasus administrate the safety and compliance of almost 2 million workers from 100,000 companies in an array of industries.

Through a white-label integration, Clui deliver online learning and inductions to Pegasus clients, driving an average of over 6,300 completed courses each month.

“As a leader in workforce management solutions, we needed to engage with a robust LMS capable of covering multiple industries and integrate seamlessly into our own existing system.”

Adam Boyle
Chief Executive Officer, Pegasus

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