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Manage compliance

Manage compliance

Optimise your workforce’s training and onboarding practices whether you’re a team of 10 or 10,000.

workforce management

The solution to keep your workforce ahead of the game

Your employees are the key to your business, and you have some of the best in the industry.

Protecting your interests means ensuring each and every person is compliant – not just on their first day, but every day they represent your business.

Ongoing training is critical to the development of your people, not to mention the reputation, liability and ultimate success of your business.

You need a learning space which features up-to-date, engaging content, that is simple to create, update and automate; the ability to assign courses to the right people at the right time and the functionality to track and report on training completions.

User groups

Automate onboarding

It’s easy to welcome a new employee with Clui. You can automatically activate your onboarding process with pre-set actions when you add a new user. The use of user groups means you can auto-assign courses, giving the right learners access to only the areas and courses relevant to them.

You can create user groups in a number of ways – by location, role or department – the choice is yours.

Learner Progress Dashboard

Track mandatory training progress

To meet compliance obligations, or to simply motivate your team, sometimes courses are mandatory.

Training managers can track learner progress via the Progress Dashboard. They’ll also be notified of outstanding approvals, and can monitor platform engagement for a complete understanding of what’s happening with their team.

With their own dedicated training dashboard, learners are empowered to take ownership of their progress.


Record face-to-face assessments

Ensure your workforce meets the required regulations. Whether it’s for OHS or internal compliance, Clui’s in-person assessment feature helps you arrange, record and report on face-to-face assessments.

Assessments can be set for any point within a course and are performed by an assigned assessor. The results are recorded for future reference. In-person assessments can be one-off or recurring.

Easily check when learners were last assessed to ensure your workforce is compliant and safe.

Track and report

Run comprehensive reports

The reporting space in Clui equips your administrators with the tools they need to capture valuable data, including learner enrolments, events, users, and more.

Create and download reports in Excel format, or schedule reports to be delivered to key people on a regular basis.

G8 Education delivers competency training via Clui

With more than 470 child care centres, G8 Education is Australia’s largest ASX listed provider of early education.

Through the Clui platform, they train and ensure the competency of more than 11,000 employees. G8’s commitment to developing their people is realised via Clui’s learner-friendly environment, simple administration and reporting capabilities.

“Throughout our working relationship, Clui has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to service and has done a great job at truly partnering with us at G8 by going above and beyond to identify necessary solutions.”

Elise Kambarami
Organisational Development Coordinator, G8 Education

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