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Clui - features

Engaging Modular Courses

Assemble compelling courses from as many different modules as your learners need.

  • Clui - Scorm Module

    Scorm Module

    The eLearning industry standard. Use this tool to upload any of your existing SCORM content to Clui.

  • Clui - Form Module

    Form Module

    Create custom forms to collect dates, signatures, ratings, or any kind of text input.

  • Clui - File Module

    File Module

    Provide files to download, or request a user upload files (with or without admin approval).

  • Clui - Path Selection

    Path Selection

    Create alternative content pathways, based on a user's selection.

  • Clui - Approval Module

    Approval Module

    Block a user's progress pending administrator approval.

  • Clui - Certificate


    Issue certificates at any point in a course.

  • Clui - Face to Face Event

    Face to Face Event

    Organise an event, including one-off, recurring, or ongoing events. Specify attendance numbers, and allow users to register their attendance.

  • Clui - Webinar


    Organise booking, attendees and access to your webinars.

  • Clui - Action


    Perform actions behind the scenes, such as setting reminders, sending emails, webhooks and more.

  • Clui - Web Object

    Web Object

    Embed web content

  • Clui - Payment Module

    Payment Module

    Block a user's progress through a course pending payment.

  • Clui - AVETMISS


    Collect the learner information required for AVETMISS reporting.

Efficient automation

Use the 'Action' module to automate time-consuming admin work. Many actions can be time-triggered, or cued by another action, allowing you to perform complex tasks.

  • Clui - Send Email

    Send Email

    Email the user or someone else.

  • Clui - Set Status

    Set Status

    Mark the user's status within the course, including completed, failed, and in progress. A user's status can trigger other actions.

  • Clui - Lock Course

    Lock Course

    Take the user back to the start of the course.

  • Clui - Reset Progress

    Reset Progress

    Reset the user's course progress.

  • Clui - Remind User

    Remind User

    Issue a customisable reminder to the user. Can be timed, or triggered by a change in status.

  • Clui - Assign Course

    Assign Course

    Assign additional courses for the user to complete.

  • Clui - Webhook


    Send data about the user's course progress back to your own application.

  • Clui - Group Memberships

    Group Memberships

    Add or remove the user from groups, to organise filtering, reporting and course access.

Powerful platform management

Easily manage learning across your entire organisation, giving everyone the training they need with no redundancy.

  • Clui - Segmentation


    Assign the right course plan to different groups or individuals in your company.

  • Clui - Automatic Course Expiration

    Automatic Course Expiration

    Automatically refresh course assignments to keep learners' competency up-to-date.

  • Clui - Custom Role Creation

    Custom Role Creation

    Create roles and permissions that suit your administration needs.

  • Clui - Mobile Optimised Interface

    Mobile Optimised Learning

    Manage your training from anywhere with internet coverage.

  • Clui - Course Ratings & Reviews

    Course Ratings & Reviews

    Learn from learners by collecting feedback on your courses.

Manage compliance and sales online

Effective compliance can be tricky - take out the guesswork with Clui's accredited training.

  • Clui - Data Security

    Data Security

    Protect your data courtesy of Microsoft Azure: trusted by 90% of Fortune 500 companies, and governments worldwide.

  • Clui - PCI DSS


    Meets industry standards for credit card security.

  • Clui - AVETMISS


    Streamline reporting to government agencies for Registered Training Organisations.

  • Clui - Certificate


    Issue and retain competency certificates.

  • Clui - Marketplace


    Monetise your courses, manage transactions and track sales.

  • Clui - Payment Gateways

    Payment Gateways

    Create unique payment options, including mid-course, or before the issue of a certificate.

  • Clui - Stripe Integration

    Stripe Integration

    Collect revenue with the industry standard in online payments.

  • Clui - Comprehensive Reporting

    Comprehensive Reporting

    Track user progress, course completion, form data, and more.

Support and Flexibility

When you need us, call. We're here for the long haul.

  • Clui - Online Support for Users

    Online Support for Users

    Contact us by email or consult our knowledge base.

  • Clui - Unlimited Storage

    Unlimited Storage

    Host all of your training with us - there's plenty of space.

  • Clui - Mobile Optimised Interface

    Mobile Optimised Learning

    Manage your training from anywhere with internet coverage.


Clui reimagines the possibilities for learning management. With customisable content, effortless automation, and comprehensive reporting, we ensure an optimal learning experience for any organisation.

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